Dedication, passion, craftsmanship and carefully selected premium quality organic semolina. These are the main ingredients of our bronze drawn and slow dried pasta.
Our logo reflects our values, and our packaging is suggestive of the quality and taste of our products. The ethos of Pastificio dei Profeti is solidly grounded in the spirit of fair trade, respect for the environment and the rights of its workers. And this is why we have decided to devolve part of our profits to humanitarian and social projects. We wholeheartedly believe that is the right way to do business.

My mother’s skilful hands as she made Malloreddus pasta on one Sunday, and La Fregola on the next and the one after, who knows? Sensations and values that turn through the wheel of time to become a passion, which in turn are consolidated by painstaking and careful practice. Meeting together and exchanging views with my business partner and friend Claudio Crisafi.
Today, all this has taken shape to become Il Pastificio dei Profeti, founded according to the principles of fair trade and respect for environment.